Tuesday, April 01, 2008

WFMW - Greatest Hits

This week's tip is supposed to be one our favorite tips from our archives. Mine is about measuring honey and molasses. Here it is:

In keeping with the kitchen edition this week, here's my quickie little Works-For-Me-Wednesday tip. When a recipe I'm using calls for honey or molasses, I spray a little food release in the measuring spoon or measuring cup before I pour in the sticky stuff. When I pour it back out of the cup it comes out so quickly and easily it usually comes out it one big glob. No more waste and no more "slow as molasses in January" for me. It's quick, it's simple, and it Works For Me. Check out other tips at Rocks in My Dryer.

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Lammy said...

By food release do you mean like PAM? Spray?
What a great idea.

Lorie said...

This really works, I also do it with my pancake syrup, works wonders!

Mom2fur said...

It sure does work! You know what else does? If your recipe also calls for the same amount of oil, just measure out the oil before you do the honey! Then the honey will slip right out.

Cindee said...

lammy- Yes, by food release I mean PAM or some such thing.

lorie- I'm curious. Why do you measure out pancake syrup? Do you use it as a substitute for other sweeteners?

mom2fur- I do the same thing! (when I remember)

Thanks for visiting and commenting, ladies!

Jinxy and Me said...

That's a good idea. In the past I have thought about using the spoon I used for oil to measure out the honey, but didn't want to get oil in the honey jar. Using Pam (or similar) seems like it would stick the food and not "contaminate" the honey. Thanks!

Roberta said...

Great idea Cindee! I'll try that next time. When making rice crispie treats I have sprayed or buttered my hands before so I can pat them even without making a sticky gooey mess.