Monday, November 06, 2006

30 Day Organizational Challenge

I've decided to join the 30 Day Organizational Challenge. I'm not sure I will be organizing as much as just cleaning up a lot. The room I need to work on is the laundry room/computer room. I'll probably discover as I clean that I really do need to get it better organized so I'll have an easier time keeping it clean. The before pictures are below. It's nice to have before pictures because then I can see just how far I've come.

Visit Organizing Junkie to see the before pictures of other participants.

So. Enough said. Welcome to THE PIT.


Laura said...

Hi! Thanks so much for participating in the challenge. Yes it is so true once you have a system in place it will be easier for you to maintain which means less work in the long run!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

good luck! i'll go check it ot myself

Anonymous said...

I just joined up yesterday myself! I am going to tackle my coat closet, but I wanted to say that my computer desk looks a whole lot like yours!


Anonymous said...

I often clean and organize my desk . . . well not often enough. Anyway, mine looks worse then yours :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck on this! I can't stand for my desk to look like this. I sympathize. But I know it'll be so much better at the end of the challenge! Can't wait to see the results. Good luck!