Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My People

My parents came and visited us last week-end. It was so nice to have them here. Last time they came for a real visit I announced that I was pregnant with Abby (though I didn't know it was Abby at the time!) It was great to have a visit with them in my own home when I wasn't sick as a dog. I was so miserable last time...

Anyway, I'm so blessed to have the parents I do. I'm so glad that there are people in this world that are "my people". I'm glad I belong to them and they belong to me. I'm happy to belong.

Thank-you, Mom and Dad, for making the trip over here, for braving the weather, for risking travel with sinus pressure, for sharing our cramped quarters, and for loving me, my husband, and my kids.

Miss you.

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