Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mattresses, Mirrors, and More

I went into a new store yesterday that had just opened the day before. New chain stores that open near my house are a really big deal because that means I don't have to drive all the way to Boise to go shopping!! The store was Mattresses, Mirrors, and More, or something like that. Holy cow! I'm so glad I went in! There were all kinds of things there that I didn't realize I needed. I know I need them because there they were...all over the store. They wouldn't be selling all that stuff if I didn't need it right?!?! If I hadn't gone into that store I wouldn't have known that I needed a Plantain Press or a Bean Peeler. Goodness! That was a close call.

As it was I managed to get out of there with one thing that I had planned on buying, two things that I would have bought eventually, somewhere and one fun, impulse buy. It all totalled $36. Not too bad.

I wish you could smell my impulse buy:

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Anonymous said...

yum,yum,yum I CAN smell it! *wink* Yes you are right, if we didn't need it they wouldn't sale it would they now? ;)