Thursday, November 09, 2006

Something to consider...

Here is an excerpt from an e-mail from American Family Association:

Help recruit 1,000,000 families who will agree not to shop at Wal-Mart or
Sam's Club (owned by Wal-Mart) on the Friday and Saturday following
Thanksgiving. Here's why:

In a show of support to help homose*uals legalize same-sex marriage, Wal-Mart has agreed to automatically donate 5% of online sales directly to the Washington DC Community Center for G@y, Le$bian, Bise*ual and Tr@nsgender People. The cash donation will come from online purchases made at Wal-Mart through the homose*ual group's Web site. This move follows Wal-Mart's joining the National G@y and Le$bian Chamber of Commerce and agreeing to give generous financial help to that organization also.

Every purchase made online for books, music, videos, clothing and accessories, children's clothing and toys, and electronics at the site will automatically send 5% of the sales to the CCBLBT People. The agreement is an indication that Wal-Mart is totally committed to supporting the homose*ual movement.

Wal-Mart also gave a generous cash donation to the Northwest Arkansas G@y, Lesbi@n, Bise*ual, Tr@nsgender Community Center, helping to provide a place where homose*uals can come together to "socialize."

Many observers feel it would have been a wise business decision for Wal-Mart to remain neutral in the cultural battle over homose*ual marriage. But this was an ideological decision by Wal-Mart - not a business decision.

Take Action

1. Sign the petition to Wal-Mart letting them know you will be one of the 1,000,000 families who will not shop at Wal-Mart or Sam's Club on the Friday or Saturday following Thanksgiving.

2. VERY IMPORTANT! Millions of Americans are not aware of Wal-Mart's support for homose*ual marriage. PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY.

3. Print out and distribute the Wal-Mart Pass Along Sheet by clicking here. For past Wal-Mart Action Alerts, plus answers to your questions (where to shop?), Click Here.

Click Here to Sign the Petition to Wal-Mart Now!

I'm already in the process of figuring out where else to shop and have significantly reduced the amount of shopping I do at Wal-Mart. I'm down to about 25-30% of how much I used to shop there. In any case I won't be dong ANY shopping there the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. Consider what you might be able to do to encourage Wal-Mart to better support traditional family values.

See my previous references to Wal-Mart's support of the homose*ual movement here and here.

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