Monday, November 27, 2006

Today's Reality

Last Friday morning I got sick. I'm coughing now and hoping that this cold won't settle in my chest. It has travelled down to around the hollow of my throat. I'm still a bit sniffly and have sinus pressure still but the fever and aches & pains are gone. That makes it a bit more manageable. I hope Jim doesn't get it!

The temperature outside is 36 degrees. Snow was forecasted for last night but it never got colder that 35 or 36 so we just had rain. I've got a fire in the woodstove, a runny-nosed baby taking a nap, a runny-nosed toddler playing, and two kids at the kitchen table doing schoolwork. It sounds all nice and cozy and well-ordered but I'm in PJ's that I've had on since Saturday night, I haven't taken a shower, the kitchen is a mess, I'm out of eggs, milk, and toilet paper. I need to go to the store but....

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