Thursday, August 31, 2006

Manufactured homes & equity

What does anybody out there know about buying about a manufactured home and if they build equity or not? Is it just a waste of money? Where would I go to get good answers about buying a manufactured home (or not buying one)?

Isn't it pretty??


Lisa said...

If its in Idaho I'm sure it will build lots and lots of equity, but I think if it's in Oregon the equity wouldn't be as good. I'm pretty sure on that.
:) 'cause pony girl, bonusboy, jellybean, and padawan wouldn't live as close to me, and that's very, very, very important.

Lisa said...

oh, and it is very pretty.

Unknown said...

My realtor told us that manufactured homes do not build equity and it's hard to get financing for it. I was bummed because there were a lot of bigger manufactured homes that I really liked for a good price. In fact she said that sometimes people who end up buying manufactured homes lose money. That would really stink.

Amy said...

That is what we are hoping to do in a year or so... to buy some land and put a manufactured home on it. That way you would always have equity in the land.
And in this market who can afford to have a house that new and nice unless it is a manufactured home??