Saturday, May 12, 2018

Strawberry Season

I finally remembered to buy strawberries when they were in season.  They were at an AWESOME price at Cliff's Country Market, so I went a little crazy and bought a peck of work for myself!  $10 a flat!  So I bought three.  48 POUNDS of strawberries! But it all turned out great and it was worth all the work.  I made three or four batches of freezer jam and one batch of cooked & canned jam (which I hadn't done in YEARS!), and froze enough berries on cookie sheets to fill two gallon-sized freezer bags.  I had a little bit left over so I looked up a recipe for strawberry topping and made three jars of "Strawberry Sauce."  Totally yummy!  Now we'll get to have a taste of the spring and summer in the middle of winter.  I love it! :)

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