Sunday, October 14, 2007

MIRLing in Idaho

I've MIRLed! I think it was KimC at Life In A Shoe that coined that term*. She defined it very well anyway even if she didn't make it up! I've finally Met In Real Life Roberta from Debtor2Mercy. We've been talking for a while about getting together, since we totally live close enough to do that, and today we finally did it. We met at a restaurant for lunch after church and had a great time. Her husband and oldest child were gone hunting and so were Jim and our three older kids. I just had Abby and she had her three younger ones. Her youngest is one day older than Abby so it was fun to compare notes. It's impossible to have the amount of conversation over lunch that we've had brewing in us, I think, so we left the restaurant to continue our conversation at my house. BUT, when we got there we discovered my family had returned. So she only stayed long enough to meet everybody and take a tour of my backyard and then she left. We'll have to get together again soon. It was great fellowship and great fun. Thanks Roberta (& kids)!!

Anybody you wish you could MIRL?
*Okay, I researched the word (MIRL) and it was Shannon from Rocks in my Dryer that requested a verb for 'Meeting In Real Life'. Valerie from Many Mundane Moments that came up with MIRL and KimC that expanded the definition on Rocks in my Dryer! Aren't you glad you kept reading this post so you could get this fascinating etymology?! :-)


Roberta said...

Hey look, that's me! :) We enjoyed the chance to have lunch with you and sweet Abby, and meet your family, in person, and we look forward to future visits as well. Such a small world! Thanks for being spontaneous!

Roberta said...

yes, I was fascinated by the etymology. Although I would have thought MIRL was used prior to last summer, but maybe I am remembering meet IRL.

Aunt June said...

Glad you had the chance to meet. What fun! It truely is a small world, especially when you have the Lord in common!

Rhen (yestheyareallmine) said...

I have been talking to two ladies here in N. GA about MIRLing. That would be awesome!