Saturday, June 02, 2007


(Jim was helping Adam try on the new socks that I had just bought for him.)
Me: How do they fit?
Adam: Right fine.


Adam: (dressed in shorts and cowboy boots) How do I
look? Fancy enough?


Adam: (with a wad of something on his thumb) I seriously
found this in the play room. It's sticky tack! It's mine because I
found it.
Me: No, it's mine. But thank-you for finding it for


Adam: Mom, I need my hand washed.
Me: Why? What's on it?
Adam: Pee.
Me: How'd you get pee on it?
Adam: From the toilet.
Me: You put your hand in the toilet?
Adam: No.
Me: No?
Adam: No. It fell in.


Adam: (strutting around with a bungee cord) Your
baby's under arrest.
Me: Why?
Adam: Because I'm the policeman


Adam: (after hooking the antique dictionary and its stand
with the bungee cord and bringing it crashing to the floor
I did it on accident.
I did it on accident.
I did it on accident.
I did it on accident.


And all of that was since 5:30 pm tonight!


Donna said...

Cindee, those are priceless!!! Thanks for sharing. Do you all live in the south? I can just hear a southern accent with those! (we're originally from NC, so I should know!)

Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

Oh, Adam, were you separated at birth from my five-year-old?

This made me *smile* - I hope you are able to as well, Cindee - at some point! :)

Cindee said...

Nope. Not in the south. Unless you mean southwest Idaho! :-) And yes, these quotes are priceless to me. That's why I record them here; so I can have a hope of remembering them later.

I'm smiling now. Even at the times when it would probably be better NOT to smile! Sometimes proper discipline is tough if he's cracking me up! It reminds me of a post by KimC over at Life in a Shoe: Lucky they're cute? I think not.

Roberta said...

Sounds like he's a little thinker with lots of personality. Very sweet!