Sunday, March 19, 2006

My Name's Not Mike

Today after church our family went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant called El Azteca. After the guy bringing water to our table left, BonusBoy kept asking, "Where's that big, big man?" The man wasn't big, I don't know why he was saying that unless it's because most people are big to a two-year-old. He doesn't say that about other people who are bigger than him... But I digress. The point is that BonusBoy kept asking about the man. We kept giving him answers such as, 'he's working in the back', 'he's in the other room', etc. Eventually BonusBoy stopped asking about his whereabouts and started asking what his name was. After saying "I don't know" several times, I told BonusBoy, "His name is Mike". I knew his name probably wasn't Mike but that's what came out anyway. I figured that was the end of it. I was wrong.

Later he came back to our table to refill the water glasses and BonusBoy started in. "Your name is Mike? Hi Mike." I hoped that the man couldn't really hear what BonusBoy was saying. Later when he was in the room again filling someone else's water glasses Adam was asking what Mike was doing. He also kept asking where Mike was. Rebecca was getting a little embarrassed but since the guy's name isn't Mike he probably isn't hearing much or realizing what BonusBoy is saying.

Finally at one point, when 'Mike' was at the table again, I decided to ask him. I said that my son wanted to know what his name was. He told us, but we couldn't understand it initially. With his heavy Mexican accent we couldn't figure it out. Jim asked if it was some name and the man nodded, yes. Then I said, pointing to BonusBoy, "His name is BonusBoy." "Same as mine," said 'Mike'. Now I was confused but I just smiled, nodded, and pretended like we were successfully communicating. He left the table and Jim says to BonusBoy "The man's name is (whatever Jim thought it was)."

Later the man returned to our table with a piece of paper on which he had written his name. I know it would be funny if his name turned out to be Mike. I mean, what would be the odds of that?? On the other hand, what were the odds that the first person BonusBoy ever cared to wonder his name, ever pestered us to know the name, and kept asking about what he was doing, really was named...BonusBoy?! Amazing!

In the car on the way home, BonusBoy kept saying, "" I hope we haven't messed that kid up!

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