Monday, December 11, 2006

God is ALWAYS at work

I came across a post today that I wanted to share. Sallie, at A Gracious Home, wrote a post (12/05) called Merry Christmas, Darling. It's a very encouraging story. Here's an excerpt:
"There is nothing like being single against one’s will to make you consider all kinds of important theological concepts - God’s sovereignty, God’s will, God’s goodness, etc. It then follows that some of the greatest lessons God has taught me about himself were born out of the anguish of my singleness. And I do mean anguish. I know some people skip through their single years without much thought about it, but I was one of the group that struggled mightily with being single and the possible implications in my life."

There's a great quote at the end by David Jeremiah (I don't know who David Jeremiah is but after an internet search I believe it is this guy.) Here's the quote:
"God is at work in response to our prayers, whether we see something happening or not. If we are truly praying, “Thy will be done,” forces are at work beyond our comprehension - and often, beyond our vision. But they are working just the same."

Go read her story. It's great.

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