Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Most Traumatic Night Ever ~ Part 2

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(again, the disclaimer: if you are easily grossed out, read at your own risk)

My (so far) Most Traumatic Night Ever ~ Part 2

At the ER they gave me some regular Tylenol which unfortunately did little to stem the pain I was in. They said they suspected a bladder infection and would need a urine sample. Since I was still bleeding from delivery they would not be able to get a clean sample unless they catheterized me. (Yippee!) I was told not to go to the bathroom because they need to get a sample and I would have to wait a little while for that to happen. As a good nursing mother I had been consuming great quantities of water so to be told I couldn’t go to the bathroom caused me no little distress.

I was ushered into an examining room and told to undress, put on a cute little hospital gown, get on the table and wait. I undressed down to my hospital-issued, disposable underwear with a huge pad in it (remember, I was still bleeding so I chose to keep that article of clothing ON). I put on the fashion-plate gown and somehow got up on the exam table. This was no easy task. Hoisting my self up on a table and scooting into position was very painful. I laid on that table for an eternity. It was after eleven o’clock at night, I was freezing, in pain, and I was hearing Rebecca cry since it had been more than two hours since I had nursed her. She was nursing every 2 hours like clock-work and now she was screaming. Soon I reasoned out that Rebecca was beyond two closed doors so I really couldn’t be hearing her. However, as a new mother who has had four whole days to bond with her child I figured I must be hearing her with my new, parental ESP. Even if my ears couldn’t really hear her, my mammary glands must have. Now I was leaking all over myself with no bra or nursing pads to help absorb the mess.

After a while, Jaymarie entered and asked how I was doing. Crying, I asked how Rebecca was doing. She said that Rebecca was sleeping. So much for ESP. I thanked God that she was sleeping and prayed that she would stay asleep until we all got out of there. Jaymarie requested some blankets for me and I soon warmed up. I asked that she send Jim in and she did that. About 11:30 pm the doctor and a nurse came in to do a pelvic exam. Great, I thought, just what every recently post-partum woman wants! I still had to go to the bathroom, I was still in extreme pain, the front of my gown was now stiff and crusty where I had leaked milk all over myself, and they wanted me to scoot down to the end of the table and put my feet in stirrups. I was not having a good day! My medical record says that “on exam, she was uncomfortable and in moderate distress.” I’ll say. Although I would have called it extreme distress.

During the exam, the medical professionals were trying to get me to relax. Right. I mentioned to Jim that I would rather be pushing. The pushing during labor was much easier and less painful than what I was enduring at that point. I guess the nurse thought I was actually wanting to push and started saying, “No! Don’t push!” Whatever. She didn’t get it. During the exam they found a rather large blood clot and a lot of infection. But that is enough of that! When the doctor informed me that he wanted to start an IV with antibiotics, I started crying again. I hate IV’s. I delivered Rebecca without one because I refused to have it. When the poor guy came in to do the IV, I told him that, no offense, I probably wouldn’t like him after this.

Now it was about midnight. The doctor informed me of two more things: he wasn’t sure I would be able to nurse while taking the antibiotics and they were admitting me! At this point, I pretty much lost control of myself. In the first place, I was feeling particularly unlovely. I hadn’t done my hair and make-up, I had been crying a lot, I was in pain and then I found out that I couldn’t nurse my baby? I was devastated. And they were admitting me? What was I supposed to do with my baby? Crying, I told Jim to call my friend, Joy. She would know what to do. I couldn’t think and Jim was pretty overwhelmed and wasn’t problem-solving at this point either. I think she is the one who mentioned that Rebecca could probably stay with me in the hospital.

(to be continued)


Unknown said...

Must all new moms go through something like this? This sounds all too familiar.

Kim C. said...

Where's part 3?????
I have a 48 hour attention span, and I'm afraid I'll forget to come back for the rest. Then, 6 years from now, it will come to haunt me and I'll never know how it all ended!
Oh, the suspense. Hurry!

Anonymous said...

This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.