Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Five Things Meme

The Deputy Headmistress at The Common Room didn't want to be the last one to do this meme so I said I'd bail her out...

5 Things in my Refrigerator:

1. leftover salmon that I forgot was there. It's too old to eat now and I'm very bummed!
2. salsa
3. milk
4. eggs
5. fried rice

5 Things in my Closet:

1. my 8 y.o. son's tattered baby blanket
2. a fire truck (my 2 y.o.'s - he like to play there)
3. a package of MD toilet paper from years ago. (I had a strange attack of nostalgia when they changed the packaging!!) (BTW, I got the picture from The Virtual Toilet Paper Museum - no kidding!! I didn't know it existed before today...)
4. belts
5. a box of travel information that I've collected about places that I want to go someday

5 Things in my Purse:

1. a baby teething toy
2. a brass heart paper weight that a friend gave me when she discoved my kinesthetic nature (it IS very nice to handle - it's been in my purse for 12 years!)
3. Tic Tacs
4. a back-breaking wallet
5. Sunglasses

5 Things in my Car:

1. strollers, two of them
2. a tattered map of Oregon - God's Country - where I want to be...
3. Trivial Pursuit cards - for those drives to Oregon
4. CD's & kids' music tapes
5. Wet-Ones - for the grubby ones!

I think it's very much in my nature to say that a Five Things Meme should have five things on five subjects, so I'm adding one (if I can think of one!). :-)

5 Things in my Junk Drawer:

1. shoe polish
2. caulking
3. oil lamp wicks
4. stud finder
5. the knob for adjusting the water heater temp. (little ones kept adjusting it)

Your turn to do the meme... you know you want to.
BTW, if you don't have a junk drawer, I don't want to hear about it!

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a suburban housewife said...

What in the world are "porcupine meatballs"? I found your comment on Kim's blog!!