Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'd rather starve...

...than eat a bent cucumber.

This is so ridiculous that I had to share it.

Apparently several of the EU governments would rather throw out misshapen fruits and veggies than eat them. With high food prices and starving people throughout the world this is just ludicrous! One idea was to let misshapen fruits be sold in shops with a special label indicating for use in cooking which, the Commission says, makes far more sense than throwing them away. (duh!) But, a lot of the member states did not like it.

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Roberta said...

That's so wierd.
At Wal-Mart a few months back I was picking out some bananas. I grabbed a bunch and some single bananas. The lady working there thanked me for choosing some of the singles. She said many people will grab a bunch and yank off one banana (for various reasons...most perfectly fine looking bananas though) and they end up throwing away hundreds of pounds of bananas. Yikes!