Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Works for YOU Wednesday

This week is supposed to be backward week for the Works For Me crowd at Rocks In My Dryer. Shannon said that:

Instead of giving a tip, you'll ask for one, on a very specific subject. You'll be inviting all the WFMW readers to weigh in with their clever solutions to your most stubborn problems.
So here's my situation:

Where To Sleep?

I have a three-bedroom house. One room is for my husband and me; one room for my boys, ages 3.75 and 9; and the last room is for my girls, ages 21 months and 11 years. We've had the baby nap in our room during the day because I'm not using it then and my 11 yog can have her room available to her at that time. The problem is nights. The baby will still wake up at night and fuss. Sometimes scream and cry. If I let her cry it out she's usually asleep again within 10 or so minutes. My 11 yog can't sleep through that and doesn't want to be sharing a room with the baby. She also wants more light to sleep by than the baby can handle. Once my babies are about 4/5 months I don't share my room with them anymore because I hear every little intake of breath (that doesn't bother my older daughter) and I'm just ready to have my bedroom back. For a long time my two older kids, Rebecca and Micah shared the top bunk in the boys' room and Adam (3) slept on the bottom bunk but Micah finally got tired of Rebecca being in there and wanted his space back. The two older kids spent the summer sleeping on the hide-a-bed in the living room but that is over now too. So now Rebecca is back in her own room trying to share the space with Abby. I wish I had space for my babies to have a room of their own, but I just don't.

Am I being selfish for not wanting to have the baby in MY room anymore? Am I asking too much of my older daughter to expect her to share a room with her 21-month-old sister? Is there a solution that I haven't come up with yet? HELP!

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Amy said...

Any way to make a partition... like a curtain... to divide the baby's space from the big girl's? That might cut down on the noise and the light issue.

Could the baby be moved to a bassinet in the livingroom if she's up in the night?

And no, you're not selfish to want your room back! :) I believe in co-sleeping, but even so, there were/are plenty of times that I wanted the kids out of my room for a night.

Anonymous said...

I think kids are adaptable and this is what it is. You have 4 kids with 2 rooms and your kids will accept this reality as well as you do. Your little one should grow out of the waking up soon enough. I'd give your 11 year old as much space as you can during her waking hours (time away from the baby sister) but mommy better serves everyone if she gets the rest she needs. I hope this makes sense...

Anonymous said...

I say knock down all the walls and have one big room. JK. I think in time R will adjust and she will get use to it. If you don't get your rest then the rest of the family will suffer. "If mama ain't happy nobody's happy." I think giving R her space during the day is a good idea. Your doing the right thing. :) Lisa

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others but I am also in a similar situation. 8 people in 3 bedrooms. Only 1 boy but the second room is not big enough to hold 5 girls. Baby is in our room still (at 7 months) and I love it but it makes it hard on daddy who has to get up super early. We are selling and looking for something with more options. We shall see how God leads.
I hope you figure it out!

Overwhelmed! said...

Don't feel guilty about moving the baby out of your room. You need your sleep!

I shared a room with at least 1 sibling (sometimes 2) the entire time I lived at home. There were times I resented it, but more often than not I enjoyed the companionship!

Partitioning the room in some way might help your older daughter at least feel as though she has a bit of privacy and possibly cut down on some noise.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I don't think you are being selfish either.

Our house is very small and all 4 of us hear the 15 month old whenever she cries, or when the 3 year old falls out of bed, or the almost 5 year old gets up at 6AM. Now the other 2 children have just learned to deal with the baby crying; and I know that if the baby had a rough night we will have a slower day the next day.

My problem is the 3 year old and the 15 month old during nap time...this too shall pass.

Roberta said...

How big is your closet? Could you move all the clothes to one room and utilize some closet space. Our friends gutted their master bath and made a small sleeping room for the baby, and moved their other 3 boys to the master bedroom, and they took a different room.
We have a 1500 sq ft home, but basically 2 bedrooms, so our 4 (10b, 6g, 4g and 22mo.b) are in one room. We have thought of partioning, but for now it works.
Could you mix up the kids. Does another child sleep like a log and could handle the fussy wake-ups?
I pray God would give you guys wisdom for the best solution.