Thursday, March 15, 2007

Small things DO come in big packages

Thanks to KimC at Life In A Shoe I just got a great deal on copier paper. I don't know if it's still available but just in case, here are the details from her blog post:

I just bought 5,000 sheets of bright white copier paper for $16.37, delivered to my doorstep. Don't ask where I'll keep it. I guess I'll have to share just to find space for it. If you want some, you'd better hurry. Deals like this tend to go out of stock quickly. HT to** for the deal.

1. Click here to go to Office Depot.
2. Search and Add 345603 ( Price : $5.59 ) - Buy 10 of these
3. Search and Add 429266 ( Price : $0.29 ) - Buy 1 of these
4. Coupon Price : -$31.00 Code : 73649244
5. Coupon Price : -$10 off $25 Code : 44141777
Final Price : $15.19 Shipped (plus tax)


**The link to the actual deal isn't on their main page anymore but you can still see it HERE.

NOW. Here's what I wanted to say about this great deal. It's wonderful. UPS just delivered the paper and the paper clips to my door. You have to order a small package of paper clips to make the order total the minimum amount. So, this afternoon there are two boxes on my porch.

The 5,000 sheets of paper I ordered! Cool!

And here?

Under all the bags of air....

Why, the paper clips, of course!

Silly, eh?

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Kim C. said...

We got a huge laugh when ours arrived. I wanted to whip out the camera and do just what you did! Great minds think alike...but apparently your camera batteries are greater than mine.