Monday, January 22, 2007

Conversations with Adam

I totally stole the blog title from Shelia and her "Conversations with Samuel".

In the laundry room:

Adam: Mom is cleaning.

Jim: Yep, Mom is cleaning.

Adam: She's cleaning dishes?

Jim: Uh...nooo....she's cleaning laundry.

Adam: Mom are you cleaning laundry?

Me: Yes. I'm cleaning diapers.

Adam: You're cleaning diapers, and underwear?

Me: Yes, Adam, I'm cleaning diapers and underwear. Your underwear.

Adam (giggling): Mom's cleaning my underwear. (emphatically): Mom, thank-you for cleaning my underwear.

Me: You're welcome, Adam, happy to do it.

Aren't three-year-olds sweet?


Sheila said...

I love these Conversations posts. Kids say the funniest things! :)

Anonymous said...

Kids can sure crack me up as well as bring a tear to my eye with the most unexpected comments!