Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Why We'll Never Name a Cat 'Motorcycle'!

I need a title for this story... any suggestions? Thanks, Dad!

On Sunday BonusBoy was given hand-me-down toy from our friends. It's been raining the last couple of days so he hasn't been able to play with it. Today (sunny) he was looking out the front window and asked, "Can I ride on Cubby?" I was momentarily confused by this request because I wasn't sure what he meant by asking to ride on our older cat, Cubby. Then, in a flash, it came to me. I said, "Do you mean you want to ride on your scooter?" "Yes", he said. Poor kid, he got a scooter and a Scooter within 6 days of each other. Must be confusing!! :-)


Lisa said...

Scooter on Scooter? it's true

Anonymous said...

For a title, how about:
"Why We'll Never Name a Cat 'Motorcycle'!"

Susannah said...

So cute! Makes me think of www.stuffonmycat.com. Have you seen it? Hilarious!