Thursday, May 25, 2006

Three Things Thursday ~ Vol. 2 No. 6

1.) Tomorrow, JellyBean and I will fly to Oregon to visit my family for (parts of) 5 days. It will (almost) seem like no kids at all, just having JellyBean. I don't have to prepare meals for her (she's still nursing exclusively), she doesn't get into arguments with anyone, she doesn't accidently wet on the floor, etc. I'm looking forward to this!

2.) The last time I took a vacation like this was 5 years ago when I went to Belgium for 3 weeks (!) to be with Jaymarie when she had Zoƫ. Jim took the time off work and stayed home with our, then, two kids ages 2 & 4 (almost (3 &5). He's taking care of the three kids this time too.

3.) I worry a little bit about having some kind of accident and leaving the other three kids motherless. Other than that, I don't feel too selfish about taking this trip!


Unknown said...

Thanks for helping out with the song lyrics over on Jaymarie's site! I like what you daughter said about people. "...I really like some of them." Amen Padawan!

BTW, Hi, I'm Mary. I was an acquaintance of Jaymarie's in CA.

Unknown said...

Oops. I was checking back and realized that Padawan is probably your son. Sorry, Padawan.