Thursday, December 08, 2005

Three Things Thursday ~ Vol. 1 No. 13

I know it's almost Friday, but I AM getting this in just under the wire. I'll blame my pregnant state...

3 Plans I've made with a open mind.... (meaning the baby may come and alter my plans!)

1.) We have tickets to see Narnia tomorrow 4:45 p.m (matinee is cheaper!) I only hope I'll be able to go. Two years ago the final Lord of the Rings movie opened in the theatres the same day I delivered BonusBoy. I didn't get to go. And although we have the 4 hour director's cut DVD, I still have not watched it!!!! Jim has threated to go to the Narnia movie anyway even if I have to go to the hospital I 'kindly' informed him that that wasn't going to happen! grrrrr!

2.) We have a Saturday birthday party to go to for a nephew of Jim's. I hope we can make that as well.

3.) The two big kids have their chimes and bells Christmas concert this coming Sunday afternoon. I hope I will be able to attend that as well. This will be Padawan's first performance ever and I'd hate to miss it. PonyGirl has been doing it for two years now but this is Padawan's first and I have yet to see him at work! PonyGirl reports that he's doing very well. She seems proud of him. (Warms my heart!)

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