Wednesday, December 21, 2005

OB Appointment #12

Posting this late. Sorry!

December 13, 2005 - 3:50 p.m. - Julie Stevens, CRNP
39 Weeks - 4 Days

Weight: +3 lb. / + 16 lbs. overall
Blood Pressure: 104/58
Baby's Heartrate: good
Height of Fundus: good

When she came into the exam room, Julie asked if I was going to hang on to this baby forever. I replied that I probably would at least until the due date. Sheesh! It wasn't even my due date yet at that point. What is her big hurry!?!?!?!???! She also tried scaring me to death by saying that between 40-42 weeks the placenta starts breaking down and becomes less efficient and that the rate of stillbirth increases after 40 weeks. Brother! Like the due date is some magical date that "they" know the baby should be born by. Hello?!? It's an estimated due date. Estimated based on my WACKY cycle. So, who knows, the baby may not even be technically due yet. I say, when the baby is born, THAT was the due date.

She said that I need to come in twice a week now for a non-stress test. They want to be sure the baby is tolerating its environment. She wanted me to come in in 3 days (on Friday, which was my due date) for the first of these tests. Was I agreeable to that, she asked. I was taken by surprise and wasn't ready to argue so I just agreed. However, by the time I had walked out and gone to the scheduling desk, I had changed my mind and decided to make the appointment for the following Monday. At least Monday would be after my due date (still no need to assume there are problems tho').

Stress. Brother. The baby is fine but they are stressing ME out!!

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