Thursday, October 27, 2005

Three Things Thursday ~ Vol.1 No.7

1.) I cannot stand having those one or two little leaves caught in my windshield wiper blade arm. I'm driving around, the wind is whipping those little leaves like crazy but they won't blow away. I turn on the wipers and still they hang on. Drives me nuts! Sometimes I have to just stop the car, get out, and remove them. Something is wrong with me!!

2.) I sometimes fear that I will be found out. They will realize that I'm an imposter. They will notice that I'm not really a grown-up and I don't belong in a house of my own with a husband and children of my own. "There she is again, pretending to be an adult"

3.) I got sent home from my Christian school one day in tenth grade for picketing against a new, young teacher I couldn't stand. After I graduated from high-school I dated that teacher.

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