Thursday, October 20, 2005

Three Things Thursday ~ Vol.1 No.6

1.) I totally detest how much "stuff" we have. Especially how much stuff my children have. I hate how I have contributed to that. I regret how long it's taken me to realize the bondage we are in because of all this stuff. I wish that I had realized this long before my kids got so "attached" to all their things. I sometimes wish for a tornado to wipe out all our "stuff" so we could start over. (Of course I don't really wish for a terrible disaster!) This one really belongs in a rant post but here it is.

2.) I always said I would NEVER marry and certainly NEVER, EVER have children. Be careful what you proclaim absolutely!

3.) I've collected a shot glass from each state or country I've been in. Strange for someone who doesn't imbibe!! :-)

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