Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Thanks to my friends Di and Ralph A'Rhea I lost about 5-6 pounds on Sunday. Wonderful friends they are. Soooo encouraging about my weight loss. I'm not so sure of their tactics though, They wouldn't even allow me to drink water! I'm not so sure sure that is very healthy. I was very thirsty and I even snuck a drink once, but Di snatched it right away, the little witch! I realized that I'm pretty thankful that these are friends who rarely visit. In fact, they only stayed about 9 hours but their visit was pretty exhausting and I'm still recovering from it. It's cool too that they have left because now I can have water!! Yeah!! I'm still apprehensive about eating real food because I'm a little worried that if I do, one of them will pop in the back door unexpectendly and take it from me. . .so I'm waiting a little longer to try solids again. Who knows what what Friday will bring? It surely can't be the first OB appointment for someone who's 22 weeks pregnant and now weighs less than she did when she first got pregnant. Oh well, I figure that by Friday, I'll be eating normally again (it's so hard for me to break that eating habit - thanks for trying, Di and Ralph) and that my weight will probably be back to normal. Sigh!

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