Monday, November 19, 2007

Conversations with Adam

After hearing me mention something about my mom and dad Adam says:
"Adults don't have moms and dads, they ARE moms and dads!"

Walking out of the church building last night Adam says that he forgot to give his offering and wants to go back to give it. Everyone else is in the van but Adam and I return so he can give his gift to Jesus. On the way out the second time Adam asks for me to bend down so he can whisper in my ear. We are right in the flow of traffic so I tell him to wait a moment until we are outside. We stop in front of the van (which was right outside the door) and I bend down and tell him to go ahead and whisper. After looking around furtively, he whispers, "Mom... (looks around again)...Mom, can you take me to the bathroom? I have to GO!"

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