Monday, July 09, 2007


I took this picture last Thursday (7/5/07). The top number is the time (p.m.), the middle number is the temperature in my house (!), and the bottom number is the temperature outside. Officially the high was (only) 102*. But my thermometer is usually right within about 2 degrees. We've been hot! Also, we've had power outages on four of the last five days. Not all day or anything - just a portion of the day. Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and today. When the power went out again today, I knew it was going to happen. I knew about 3 minutes before it happened! We pulled into the driveway from swimming lessons and an Idaho Power truck pulled up behind me. The driver said that he had tried to knock on my door (we weren't home) and tell us that they were about to turn off the power. I raced into the house to turn off the computer but I didn't get it powered down in time. Idaho Power did it for me. Anyway, they were replacing the transformer that kept failing (yeah!) and were actually going to move it off the pole in our backyard to a more accessible spot on a main road. Maybe now I can set the clocks and Jim won't laugh at me. It's become a joke between us that I keep setting the clocks night after night. I don't know why I didn't just give up except that I HAVE to know the time especially in the middle of the night. I hate to wake up and not know what time it is. Anywhoooo, while the three power guys were working in our backyard, Rebecca asked to take them a plate of cookies that I had made yesterday. I thought it was really appropriate that the cookies she took them were chocolate no-bake cookies! Can't bake without least I can't! I have a gas oven/range and I can light the range with a lighter so I can use it during a power outage. I can light my broiler too but not the main part of the oven.

So anyway...I'm rambling now. Time to get to bed. G'night!


Roberta said...

Hasn't it been hot though? whew!
We've "cooled" the bedrooms down to about 90 by bedtime. I just keep telling myself "Only 6 weeks of this, 2 down...and God have Mercy!...4 to go." :)

Frustrating the power outages. Hope that fixes them.

Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

I totally agree - I would reset them every day, too - I HAVE to know what time it is during the night! :)
It's about the same temp where we are, (about 100 miles north of Boise) within a couple of degrees. Except that it gets down to about 60-65 at night, so we put the fan in the window to draw it in.
Stay cool!