Monday, March 13, 2006


Snow arrived in the middle of the night! Hooray! It's going fast though, so the kids had to hurry out to play. We will do school work tomorrow. We've had so little snow this season that 3/4 of an inch of snow constitutes a SNOW DAY! It's VERY bright out. See the kids squinting?!?!? :-)
Gotta go make hot chocolate. Yum.


Anonymous said...

Hope they make a snowman for me!! (grandma)

Cindee said...

Sorry. The snow's all gone!

Anonymous said...

It rarely snows here in OK. And when it does, it melts....don't get me started...

Anonymous said...

Also, where did you put that snuggle pie HTML in your template HTML so it's at the top?

Cindee said...

Way down in the template after it says "Begin #Content", I placed it after 'blog description' and before 'begin #main'

It looks something like this:

(p id="description")($BlogDescription$)(/p)

(p align="center")
(a href="")(img border="0" src="")(/a)
(/ul) (/p)


(!-- Begin #main --)

I replaced all the < > with ( ) in this comment because "it" thought I was trying to actually write the html here instead of just discuss it! :-)

I hope this helps.