Friday, July 29, 2005


I'm 20 weeks pregnant. Halfway though my last pregnancy. I'm a little bit excited and a little bit sad that it's almost over. Of course I thought my third pregnancy was my final one but I really always did want four. Jim thought three was enough so I prepared myself that last time was probably the final time. However, we were blessed by a surprise fourth pregnancy. This time though, I'm the one saying "this is it!" I'm too old to do this anymore. I was sicker for the first part of this pregnancy than I have ever been for any of the others. That was particularly hard this time having two school-age kids to teach and an 18-month old running around. I think I'll be pretty happy with my four and I don't see wanting to be pregnant again. Now I'm feeling better enough that I am enjoying this for the time being. I know the time is coming where I'll be too big to be enjoying much and if it's like last time I'll be pretty uncomfortable, but for now, I'm happy to be enjoying this.

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Cindee said...

Nope. Not before December anyway. I didn't find out with the other three and I decided to keep with my tradition this time as well. Nothing like that big surprise in the delivery room. Plus, I have three friends who were told the gender before delivery and the dr. turned out to be wrong! I don't want THAT big of a surprise. ;-)